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Bad Weather/School Closure Information
School Closure Procedure
Procedure – Inclement Weather and Other Emergencies

(a) When the school has to close for an unexpected reason, that decision is made by the Headteacher or, in his absence, the Senior Teacher.  The following need to be informed:
(i) the Chair of Governors;
(ii) the Local Authority Emergency School Closure website
(iii) parents/carers (this will be via the website, Class Dojo and local radio stations);
(iiii) staff, using the snow line procedures..
(b) The decision to close the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher or Senior Teacher. The prime concern is the well-being and safety of pupils and staff.
(c) When the school is in session and affected by poor weather conditions, the key question is whether pupils would be safer leaving early.  Consideration is given to the age of the pupils and, for younger pupils, whether parents will be at home. 
(d) When, because of weather conditions, the question arises about closing the school rather than normal opening, the following procedure is in place:
(i) the decision is made by the Headteacher or Senior Teacher.  
Consideration is based on the condition of the site and the surrounding area and the supervision of pupils when on site.  In order to assess the latter, our school has a procedure whereby staff can inform the Headteacher of any difficulties in getting to work on time; Staff must ensure that Headteacher has  an up-to-date mobile telephone number for use in such circumstances where one is available. 
(ii) if the Headteacher decides to close the school, the people designated in (a) are be informed.  The school will be open unless it states the opposite on the website or radio.  (There will be less difficulty in communicating with the radio stations, if schools do not try to announce that they will be open);
Parents are asked not to ring the school to check if school is open until after 9.15am to allow staff to communicate via the phone and Class Dojo.
(e) In the event of the school having to close, all employees will be paid normally, regardless of whether they were able to report for duty, unless the Governors believe that individuals did not make reasonable attempts to travel to work and the closure was caused mainly by their non-attendance. The Headteacher will decide whether it is reasonable or necessary to require them to remain on the premises undertaking other duties within their job description. This will depend on:

(f) Safety of the Site
The Governing Board ensures that procedures are in place to minimise the dangers of slipping on frost, snow and ice in outside areas and on access routes.  Pedestrian walkways are clearly marked to encourage visitors, parents and pupils to walk on these “safer” areas.  The Site Supervisor keeps abreast of the latest weather forecasts and ensure that there is a clear path to the entrance points.