01782 372539
Beechcliff Lane, Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent, ST12 9HP
01782 372539
Beechcliff Lane, Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent, ST12 9HP

The Tittensor Governing Body is made up of representatives from the local authority, the staff, the parents and the community. Parent and staff governors are elected from the relevant bodies, arranged by the Head Teacher. Community governors are nominated by the governing body as a whole and the Local Authority nominate the education authority governors.

Becoming a governor.
Becoming a governor is very rewarding and worthwhile experience. Effective governors do not need educational expertise but do need to be committed to their academy, willing to ask questions and offer appropriate challenge and support.
They also need to be able to work as an enthusiastic member of the governing board team with the aim of raising and maintaining high educational standards for all children. Governors are asked to act with integrity, honesty and objectivity and act at all times in the best interests of the academy.
The prime focus of the Governing Board is to develop the strategic direction of the academy, be accountable to stakeholders and to ensure that financial resources are spent appropriately.
Governors also have a number of opportunities to access training or development to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills.
It is important to note that governors are elected or appointed to bring the experience of that individual as a member of the governing board. Once elected, parent governors are a representative parent but not a delegate. This means they are not expected to report back to parents on any matters relating to the school or governing board without prior consent from the governing board.

The governors are all volunteers and have a responsibility to conduct the school to promote high standards of educational achievement. They have several main responsibilities:


Name Position Responsibilities Register of Interests Email End of Term Office
Sarah Woolley Chair of Governors Safeguarding/SEND None s.woolley@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk March 2025
Simon Johnston Vice Chair of Governors (Co-opted) ICT/Mathematics None simonj@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk 2024
Alison Bell Co-opted Governor Health and Safety/ Staff Training None a.bell@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk April 2026
Vacancy Foundation Governor Christian Distinctiveness
Shaun Allen Staff Governor PP/Sports Premium None shaun.allen@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk February 2025
Gail Craig Headteacher Sits across all committees Headteacher headteacher@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk On-going
Edward Hobson Parent Governor Class 3 Link Headteacher within Staffordshire ehobson@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk October 2024
Jemma Williams Parent Governor Class 2 Link (PSHE/RSE/History) Parent j.williams@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk December 2027
Hannah Mosley Co-Opted PP/Sports Funding Teacher h.turner@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk January 2025
Mrs Felicia Goodwin Parent Governor EYFS Link None f.goodwin@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk December 2025
John Beswick Pallister Ex-Officio Foundation Governor Church Link/RE None j.beswickpallister@tittensor.staffs.sch.uk October 2025