Sports Premium at Tittensor First School 

Sports Spending 2018-2019

Sports Premium allocation 2018-2019

Our Physical Education Vision: 

  • We strive to provide an exciting Physical Education curriculum that our pupils can enjoy and one that enables all pupils to achieve success. 
  • We aim to inspire our children to participate in regular physical activity and/or competitive sport, which will continue into adult life and for them to value an active lifestyle. 
  • We hope to instill into our pupils the spirit of true sportsmanship: honesty, teamwork, respect, self-belief, passion and determination.
  • We as a school will continue to provide improvement against the five key indicators, outlined for the Sports Premium funding.
  • Ensure that high quality PE and sport is sustainable at Tittensor.
  • To continually to improve the quality of teaching and learning by delivering high quality P.E lessons.
  • To broaden the opportunities for children to take part in a range of physical activities in school, including after school clubs and extra-curricular activities (such as archery, bucket ball and multi-sports).
  • Staff to attend courses to gain knowledge and a wider range of practical ideas on how to inspire children and to include all in regular physical activities.
  • Support pupils in outdoor activities such as forest schools to enhance their experiences. 

What impact has this had at the school? 

PE and School Sport Impact Info 2017-2018


With the result of the additional funding the profile of PE and school sport has been raised across the whole school. Below are some areas in which the school has valued as Impact.

  • Children value PE and school (Pupil voice and interviews)
  • Inspiring Enrichment days to promote PE and school sport
  • School sport links with the wider community (Stoke City Link).
  • Happier children
  • School and children value healthy lifestyles
  • Competition entry  in both Level 1 and Level 2 competitions
  • Creating Sports Leaders and leadership children
  • Breadth and Depth in PE curriculum providing more opportunities for children of all ability’s to access sport.
  • Increase in Extended school activities for both KS1 and KS2.
  • Clear vision for PE at the school for the benefit of the children.
  • CPD/Twilights training for Teachers in gym and games.
  • CPD for sports leaders
  • CPD for LT supervisor’s (active lunchtime)
  • More Certificate awards handed to children for success in sport
  • Focus on increased activity levels within the school with report logs and activity bands as an incentive to be active.
  • Subject leader is more confident in P.E.
  • New assessment tool to monitor children’s performance across the subject.
  • Evidence base in preparation for a sports mark.

    During the academic year, our school receives a total of £16000 plus £10 per child which enables the school to provide the children with even more opportunities in P.E and school sport. This funding has been targeted to ensure that high quality physical education and school sport contributes to a range of outcomes for our children.