At Tittensor CE(VC) First school we pride ourselves in delivering a quality broad and balance curiculum over a two year cycle. We follow the 2014 revised curriculum and include British Values and Global links.

As a Church of England School we use our Values to explore links through R.E, PSHE and throughout the Curriculum. We follow the Staffordhire scheme for R.E which enables pupils to explore 'World Religions' and cultures. Pupils explore the core Islamic, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist and Christian beliefs.

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Phonics and Reading

Pupils at Tittensor CE(VC) First school begin phonics in the early years using a variety of schemes based around Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics. A wealth of information can be found on the internet to enable you to support your child further at home.  /  are a few examples of how you can support your child in Phonic learning at home with useful video clips, games and activities.

When children begin to explore and read books we use Oxford Reading Tree book bands, but we do not solely rely on any scheme. We use a mixture of books to promote reading enjoyment including Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star, PM readers and ProjectX.

(Please ask our Early Years team if you would like any further support with this)



What Mathematics looks like in Tittensor First School


What a maths lesson looks like in our school:

  • Children are seated in mixed ability year groups, which allow children to support and work with different children over time.
  • Lots of maths talks and discussions – reasoning and prove it.
  • Reasoning opportunities
  • Problem solving throughout to deepen learning.
  • Free access to a variety of concrete resources to support learning.
  • Mini plenaries and interventions when needed to address misconceptions and/or to target learning, post questions and challenge thinking.

This is how it works:

  • Focus on mathematical language and learning methods – key vocabulary, questions and methods are displayed around the classroom for children to see.
  • Opportunities to discuss and share with each other.
  • Prove it and convince me questioning and discussions.
  • Children are given the time that they need to explore learning and methods – this might be the next day or during ‘fix it’ tasks.
  • Use of INSPIRE materials to support the Singapore approach to teaching mathematics.

This is our philosophy:

  • High quality modelling and scaffolding within lessons.
  • Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract approach.
  • Problem solving
  • Cross-curricular links when appropriate and possible.
  • Fluency and reasoning
  • Developing mastery and promoting greater depth.

This is what we do:

  • Plan and teach maths lessons using the INSPIRE Maths programme and the schools mixed age long term planning.
  • Provide opportunities for practising skills taught.
  • Positive use of misconceptions/mistakes within the learning environment.
  • Book trawls, learning walks and regular observations.
  • Parental involvement through workshops.

This is what you might see in our school:

  • A positive attitude towards maths
  • Happy and engaged learners
  • Motivated and enthused children
  • Open-ended questioning
  • Word problems and challenges
  • Different representations of how to solve problems/questions
  • Paired/group work
  • Active maths indoors and outdoors.
  • Children confidence growing to talk, discuss and share ideas and learning.

This is how we know how well our pupils are doing:

  • Tracking (Classroom Monitor)
  • Teacher assessments (PUMA)
  • Marking and feedback
  • Photo evidence of practical maths – annotated by the teacher and pupils explaining what they have done or have learnt.
  • Use of TAs to note and record observations.
  • KS1 Results


At Tittensor CE(VC) First school we follow the INSPIRE Maths approach from Y1-Y4

What is INSPIRE maths?

At Tittensor CE(VC) First School we began a full implementation of Inspire Maths across our school in September 2016, starting with a transitional phase of consolidation. 

Inspire Maths is a transformational, whole-school approach, to raising pupils' achievement in maths. The programme of resources is built upon the internationally acclaimed approach to teaching mathematics in Singapore. Published by Oxford University Press it is based on the leading Singapore Maths series My Pals are Here, used in 100% of Singapore's state primary schools.

How does INSPIRE maths work in your child's classroom?

Inspire Maths uses accessible individual pupil textbooks (one copy for each child) which introduce concepts in a highly scaffolded way, enabling all our children to develop critical thinking skills, make mathematical connections and become confident mathematicians. Inspire Maths builds firm foundations and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. It uses a spiral progression to develop fluency, reasoning, and problem solving and conceptual understanding for mastery.

If you require any support in helping your children with methods in maths please do not hesitate to ask your child's teacher.

INSPIRE practice booklets for home

Inspire Maths 1

Inspire Maths 2

Inspire Maths 3

Inspire Maths 4

Inspire Maths 5

Inspire Maths 6


There is some useful advice and support available on the following websites.


Term Planning

Year 1 and Year 2 Planning Year A

Year 1 and Year 2 Planning Year B

Year 3 and Year 4 Planning Year B

Year 3 and Year 4 Planning Year A